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Type AQ-20 Air Compressor safety valve

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Type AQ-20 Air Compressor safety valve  Series:Thermal/Threaded Valve

Type AQ-20 Air Compresssor Safety Valve


Compressor Safety Valve, angel type

metal to metal seated

 thread end

air compressor specific safety valve



Working temperrature less than 200℃,  air compressor specificity safety valve. When the pressure of equiipment exceeding the allowed value, the valve will turn on autommatically and discharge the pressure entirely. When the pressure decrease to the stated value, the valve will quickly turm off antomatically in order to make the equipment run effectively.


Standards Compliance

Design and Manufacture: GB/T 12241-2005, GB/T 12243-2005

Test and Inspection: GB/T 12243-2005



Valves are delivered at a set pressure, therefore when ordering please confirm set pressure, medium and temperature


Safety accessory and Safety protection device Manufacture License of Special Equipment, People's republic of China


Materials for main parts 

NO. Name of part Material
1 Body 2Cr13
2 Nozzle 2Cr13
3 Disc 2Cr13
4 Stem 2Cr13
5 Bonnet ZG230-450



DN (mm) d0 G D D1 Z-Φd L H
20 17 G1" 62 44 4-17 25 220
25 20 M36x2 70 50 4-20 28 226
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